It started with a simple question.

All my devices are already online.
Shouldn't it be easier to move data between them?

If you ever wished you could copy some text, image, file and paste it on another computer;

If you send emails to yourself just to access data later;

If you find USB sticks too impractical;

If you want to transfer or share an item that isn't a file;

If you often reuse items and want to keep them handy...

CopyBucket is a powerful and unobtrusive application

that helps make your workflow smoother and removes boundaries between devices.


  • Easiest and quickest way to copy data between devices
  • Enhances and speeds-up collaboration & sharing
  • Convenient tool to collect data items for later reuse
  • Easily find your data on the go with the iOS app

Paste and organize items in buckets for access & reuse

Paste text, images, files and more.
Share items or buckets with friends & coworkers.

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